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Department of Human Rights & Law

Department of Human Rights and Law, (DHRL) focuses on securing human rights through training, networking and advocacy. Since its inception, though the department is engaged in securing better protection and promotion of human rights particularly for people belonging to the oppressed groups of society. Through a process of synergy, it has been able to widen its range of activities. The department works towards the empowerment of marginalized groups through capacity-building on a wide range of human rights issues. As part of these overall goals, the department has been working with people’s movements, especially in the area of development induced displacement, like displacement caused by mining and projects in the energy sector, creation of infrastructure and special economic zones; and the consequent depletion of livelihood of especially the marginalized groups resulting in hunger and even hunger deaths. The department is also involved in the issue of right to life, livelihoods and shelter for victims of demolition of slums in various places of the National Capital Region. It works with various urban grassroots organizations and movements on the human rights concerns of the urban poor. The department also participates and supports various local organizations and initiatives in the area of human rights inquiry and advocacy in atrocities against dalits, tribals, minorities and other marginalized communities.


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