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Legal News & Views
Legal News and Views, holding the distinction of being India’s oldest monthly legal magazine, has completed 22 years of its publication this year. The publication of the magazine preceded India’s formal attempt to institutionalise programmes for legal aid. Thus, its publication and other related activities in the Institute have pioneering position. The primary objective of the magazine is to inform the common populace, in easy and simple language, about its legal rights. The contents of the magazine are divided into different categories like rights of workers, rights of women, rights of SC/STs, rights of children, rights of consumers etc. In addition to relevant articles, the magazine carries important judgements and news pertaining to these categories. The idea behind the dissemination of legal information, through the magazine, is not only to make the reader aware of the law but also about the power of law and how it can be used to protect and promote the fundamental rights of people.

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Editorial Board

Dr. M.P. Raju, Advocate, Supreme Court
Mr. Jose Kavi, Editor-in-Chief Media Matters
Mr. K.S. Bhati, Advocate, Supreme Court
Mr. Vidya Bhushan Rawat, Journalist & Social Activist

Editorial Team

Joy Karayampuram: Editor
Tresa Paul: Associate Editor
Paul Jacob: Technical Assistant


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Guidelines for Authors

LNV invites short articles on legal aspects of contemporary human rights concerns. Ideally, the articles should be within 1500-2500 words.

Forthcoming Themes

LNV is a non-thematic magazine. Generally, it carries material on current developments in the field of law, justice and policy having a bearing on human rights of marginalized people.

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