03 August 2015 | 03:53:49
Department of Documentation & Library

The Department of Documentation and Library (DDL) contribute to the mission of Indian Social Institute  by acquiring knowledge and disseminating the same through various efforts. The Department continues to serve as the knowledge treasure of the institute. It makes efforts of updating its resources and information so that the users can obtain the most recent and valuable books, journals, documents, reports, reference materials, and information in different forms. Along with providing services primarily to meet the needs of in-house researchers; the department also serves other universities, research professionals, and individuals by providing value-added information services. The department comprises four sections: Library, Journal, Human Rights Documentation and Information Centre. These sections are serving the various departments of the Institute as well as scholars who visit the Centre, notably research, human rights education and training. Constant efforts are made to update this unit so that the users can obtain the most recent and valuable books, documents, reports, etc.

DDL Service
• Online library catalogue services
• Electronic library services
• Current awareness services
• Literature searches /doc. supply
• Reference and referral services
• Borrowing service to members
• Inter Library loan delivery service
• Bibliographic service
• Human rights news bulletin
• Data bank services
• Orientation programmes
• Photocopying facilities

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