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Training programmes

The Training-Seminar-Workshop Brochure 2014-2015 presents in a nutshell some of the programmes envisaged by the Indian Social Institute for this year. These programmes have been planned in keeping with the emerging issues and national scenario in focus.
The main objective of these programmes is to provide opportunity in terms of capacity building, leadership formation and creating critical consciousness, especially among those engaged in rural reconstruction, development in favour of the excluded and the marginalised. These programmes are intended to create leadership among people in the urban as well as rural areas, so that they can guide and lead those millions who have no voice, or whose voice is not heard in their attempt to attain justice and freedom. Some of the programmes are directly focusing on imparting basic legal knowledge so that the marginalised section of people could be empowered to defend their rights.

It is our earnest desire that you would take advantage of these programmes and improve upon the quality of participation, so that the envisaged objective is achieved in a very substantial manner



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